Benefits of Professional Hardwood Floor Installation

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Like any home renovation, hardwood flooring installation can be a do-it-yourself project, but it isn’t recommended. Professionals know how to handle the boards to prevent damage during installation, and they have all of the tools required to do the job. They also know how to inspect each board, to ensure that it meets proper standards. Do it yourself, and you might accidentally install wood that should have been returned. Stores handling flooring sales in the Arthur area offer competitive pricing on installation, or a connection to professional installers.

Installers – Why Use Professionals?

Hardwood lasts for a very long time. You want to do everything that is possible to ensure a top quality installation. Most Canadian companies offer a one year guarantee against any problems that you may have. That year gives plenty of time for the floor to settle into place. Any cracks, gaps, or loose boards will be taken care of by the installer, at no expense to you.

Time is an excellent reason to choose a professional. You must empty your room to switch your flooring. The faster the job is completed, the sooner you can put your home back to normal. A DIY project could take weeks, but a professional can do everything from prepping the underlay to finishing the floor and cleaning up the mess, in a day or two.

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Before you begin, you must know the installation method required for the wood and type of floor that you chose. You don’t necessarily apply a your hickory in the same manner as a decorative light and dark stained red oak parkay. You must also know how to lay the flooring for the best results, and what underlay, or base is required. The professionals are installing floors on a regular basis. They will assess the condition of your sub-floor and current underlay, to determine if any upgrades, such as leveling or vapour barriers, are necessary. Doing this will prevent problems, both during and after installation.

Professionals know how to lay the floor for the maximum benefit of your room and home. If your choice could negatively affect the overall performance and look of the flooring, he or she can advise alternatives. It might be as simple as laying the boards at a 90 degree angle to your original design. A professional can help you to make the decision within minutes, instead of the hours that it might take to research any problems.

Don’t forget finishing. Professionals have the skills needed to ensure that every board is cut to the perfect length, and is just the right match. Corners will be turned just as you expected them to be, and the baseboards will cover all edges. The boards will be laid to specifications required for their size and species of wood. Any finishing treatments will be evenly applied, and you will be given advice on how care for the floor, and how soon you may place furniture and carpeting into the room.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation

Overall, a professional installation offers peace of mind. Yes, some people can do the job themselves, but for most, installing a hardwood floor is best left up to qualified professionals.

Grand River Flooring from Fergus, ON can help you choose the hardwood floor that is right for you. We are there to help you fulfill your Orangeville or Arthur hardwood flooring dreams. Our Canadian wood floors are beautiful to look at, great quality and very affordable. We can drive our mobile showroom to your Arthur home or office and show you our great variety of floor samples. Contact us today!

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