How To Choose Hardwood Flooring

There are several factors to consider when choosing hardwood flooring that will suit your home and your taste. These are colour, species, gloss, grade, installation, width, extras and dealer.

Wood Floor Colour

The colour of the floor comes from the colour of the wood that you choose and from stain that is applied to it. A wood, such as walnut will look dark, compared to the lighter maple.

Tree Species

Species of tree affects more than colour. Hardwood is known for it’s durability, but some woods stand up better than others in high traffic areas. For example, Jatoba has almost twice the hardness ranking of a Yellow Birch. The tree species will also provide a delightful difference in grain. The straight grain of white oak has a much more subtle appearance compared to the wavy, and sometimes knotty grain of Hickory.

Floor Finish

The finish that you choose will make a difference to the final impact that your floor makes on the room. A high gloss is nice, but keep in mind that it will show marks and spots. You may want to opt for a semi-gloss or a matte finish.

Hardwood Grades

Hardwood is rated by grade. This refers to the extremes in variations of colour and grain. A select or better grade has a uniform colour. Exclusive grade shows more intensity in the grain and the colour, creating a greater impact on the room. Much of the flooring sold in Canada is milled locally, so shoppers can be assured of plenty of options.

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This search for the perfect floor should review the different board widths that are available. Consider which size suits your home and your style. Does it give the impact, or lack of impact, that you are looking for?

Choosing your floor goes beyond the wood and the finish. Each room requires final touches. Will stairs be involved? Are their any extras that you may need to complete the installation and the look? You may also find that laying the boards at a diagonal to the walls will reduce the visual length of a long room.

Selecting the right hardwood flooring needn’t be difficult. The K-W (Kitchener, Waterloo) area abounds in flooring stores that have knowledgeable sales staff who will review your tastes and needs. They’ll be happy to make helpful suggestions regarding wood, pricing and finishes. Also, be certain to ask if they do the installation or if they contract to reputable tradesmen. Many stores will have a portfolio of jobs that they have done in the past. Some will have these photos in-store and on their website.

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