Solid Hardwood Flooring Like Jatoba – in Guelph, ON

Solid Hardwood flooring offers a natural beauty that is absolutely unique. Grain differences hold a light or dark stain to provide patterns that are unequaled, creating design options that can be simple or sophisticated, depending on your taste.

Brazilian Cherry Jatoba - Brandywine Character - Guelph Hardwood FlooringAn exotic wood, such as Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), provides delightful textures, patterns and colours. On the other hand, maple floors provide a smooth, creamy, more uniform look. Both floors are very durable and stand up well in high traffic areas.

Many homes sold in Guelph, ON and surrounding areas, in the past year, impressed their buyers with the warmth and beauty of the their hardwood floors. Throughout the country, installing a hardwood floor has become a favourite way to increase a home’s resale value.

Hardwood Flooring Can Help Reduce Allergens

But don’t consider hardwood to impress someone else. Canadians spend much of their time indoors and must choose products that keep their families safe and healthy. Walnut isn’t just easy to maintain, it helps to reduce allergens in the home. Many retailers report an increase in sales, due to home-owners wanting to reduce indoor emissions from carpeting. Most find installation easy and the pricing affordable, especially with the pre-finished products.

Canada has always had a great timber industry and has many homegrown hardwood flooring companies. Many specialize in woods, such as red oak, offering the boards in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and widths. There may be 5 to 10 different stains and finishes for each species of wood. There are so many choices that you are bound to find something that you will fall in love with.

Grand River Flooring sells Canadian hardwood floors from Superior Flooring – from Rockwood, near Guelph Ontario.

Hardwood also lasts for a long time. There’s no replacing in 5 to 10 years. You install it and enjoy for generations to come.

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