Things To Consider When Choosing Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood flooring is an extremely versatile and durable product that suits a variety of decorating situations. There are a few things to consider when choosing hardwood and when choosing the tree species.

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First of all, consider the location of the flooring. Canadian Maple is often placed in high traffic areas, because it’s natural durability stands up for decades, and can be refinished as needed. The hardness of the wood is measured on the Janka hardness scale. A .444mm diameter metal ball is fired at the wood. The test measures the force required to push the ball to one half it’s depth into the wood. A higher number on the scale indicates a harder wood, that will stand up in many areas up your home. Maple is not the hardest wood available. While it has a score of 1450, other types of wood, such as hickory and pecan have a score of 1820 and higher. Woods, such as Douglas fir, with it’s low score of 660, are best reserved for lighter use applications.

Colour and design are also important considerations for flooring choice. Many imported woods, such as Brazilian Cherry, are extremely durable and offer beautiful colours and patterns that give a unique look. Keep in mind that cherry will darken over time, so colour matching must be done for the final shade. A hardwood floor will last for decades. Be certain to choose a wood and tone that you can live with for many years.

Hardwood Flooring Pricing

You must also consider your budget. Pricing for hardwood depends on the grade, species and colour of wood, size of the boards and the finish. Choosing a more common wood in a common width will keep costs down. Opting for a specialty, imported wood will require a larger investment.

While there are red oak floors that have lasted well over 100 years, none were below grade. Hardwood is a natural product that absorbs moisture in humid weather, such as summer, and releases moisture in dry, winter conditions. Installing hardwood in a basement is a poor choice, because the wood is susceptible to damp conditions. It is also easily damaged when used in conjunction with radiant heat. There are other options available for these applications.

Don’t forget about the installer. While many floors can be a DIY project, you might be happier with a professional installation. Remember that this flooring lasts a long time. A professional will guarantee that you will be satisfied with the work.

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